They may feature on television with adorable frequency, yet few are aware of how endangered penguins are.

Despite being loved the world over, they are the world’s second most threatened group of marine birds, with 10 of the 18 penguin species threatened with extinction.

Alongside the challenges of the wild, penguins must now battle competition with fisheries, bycatch, marine pollution, disease, habitat disturbance and climate change.

To raise awareness Birdlife International have released a virtual reality video, transporting viewers into the middle of sub-antarctic penguin colonies. Their challenging journeys back and forth from their families are captured in full HD and 360 degrees.

The world’s largest nature conservation partnership, BirdLife International, worked with London-based virtual reality specialist, Visualise, to create Walk with Penguins, an engaging 3D 360 short nature film aimed at connecting audiences with penguin protection.

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